Last update:
April 20 2019

The Marine Industry in general has been very active in implementing the latest technological advances in construction materials, fabricating processes, tooling and electronics. There is one area though that has been consistently neglected by most yacht shipbuilders: the modernization of certain ship support systems such as cost-effective crew training.


Recognizing the importance of this problem, we have studied it carefully and had the opportunity to engineer a truly remarkable, comprehensive solution. Each mega yacht that we have documented was delivered with a set of 10 manuals plus a turnkey CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) that provided the yacht with a complete Technical Information System.

What is really amazing is the fact that we were able to accomplish all this faster and at a substantially lower cost than our competition, because of our technology and relatively low overhead.

In 2017 we have shifted our focus to the production of low cost Computer Based Training and interactive troubleshooting (see our first Training eBook titled Marine Pneumatic System in our Bookstore).
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